The Amigurumi Lion Who Couldn`t Roar

Here he is! Carlos! This amigurumi lion likes ice cream, running too fast. He doesn`t like to roar.
Thank you for visiting! Have a great weekend!

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Shortie the Amigurumi Giraffe / Güdük isimli Zürafa

Say hi to Shortie! Shortie is the amigurumi giraffe She’s best friends with Sleeper, and, like her buddy, she is terribly inquisitive and very energetic (as only youngsters can be). So we’re looking for the right home that can channel her energy & creativity in a fun & constructive way. Maybe she can be your inspiration.

Guduk`e merhaba deyin. Uykucunun en iyi arkadasi o.

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This is an adorable hand crocheted brightly colored fishbone. Meet his twin sister Jenna.

Bu Jesse! El orgusuyle yapilmis sevimli bir kilcik kendisi. Ikizi Jenna`yla da tanisin!

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Jenna is an amigurumi fishbone. Did you meet her twin brother Jesse?

Jenna amigurumi kilciktir. Ikiz kardesi Jesse`yle tanistiniz mi?

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Her name is Emma, she likes pink, to make up and mini skirts. Whether your happy or indifferent, this cute toy is sure to fit your mood.
Her arms and legs are crocheted into the body. Her weight is 62gr. Cute amigurumi doll.

Emma, pembeyi, makyaj yapmayi ve mini etek giymeyi sever. Sevimli bir örgü bebektir.

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The Cutest Amigurumi Bee Named Gavin… / Sevimli Örgü Arı

Gavin is my best friend. He likes riding his bike -usually in the mornings, reading newspaper, his computer and watermelon.

Gavin benim en iyi arkadasim. Ozellikle sabahlari bisikletine atlayip gezmeyi, gazete okumayi, bilgisayarini ve karpuzu coook sever. :)

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Mya a sweet Amigurumu Dolly / Mya Seker Orgu Bebek

Mya is a sweet girl. She is a little bit shy, but a great friend once she gets to know you. She makes great company for little ones or adults. is easy to grasp and carry around if you have little hands, and she is quite content to sit on the bed, shelf or desk of a grown-up.

Mya biraz utangactir ama tanidikca anlarsiniz cok iyi bir kizdir. 

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This is Gloomy, please don`t think she is gloomy. She just wants to play tennis. Do you want to play with her? She is a cute, handmade crocheted amigurumi bear .

Ismi Hüzünlü. Ama sakin huzunlu oldugunu dusunmeyin, bakislari oyle onun. Su hayatta yapmayi tek istedigi sey tenis oynamaktir. Onunla oynamak ister misin? Sevimli, el örgüsü, amigurumi bir ayıcık o.
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The Snowman Who Didn’t Melt / Hic erimeyen Kardanadam

This is Shiny. He was the biggest and cutest amigurumi, crocheted, handmade, snowman made in this winter. He is waiting for the end of summer. In these hot days he thinks about surfing and scuba diving. Do you wanna dive with him?

Bu kardan adamin ismi Parlak. Bu kis orulen en sevimli el yapimi amigurumi kardanadam o. Yazin artik bitmesini istiyor. Bu sicak havalarda acik denizlere sorfe ve dalisa gidiyor. Sen de onunla dalmak ister misin? 

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Sleeper Wants to Sleep / Uykucu uyumak istiyor...

This is Sleeper a striped horse that lives in Africa… He is always sleepy maybe because of the hot weather. He never wants to change his pajamas, he never wears suit at the office… Michael Jackson is his favourite singer. Black or White is his favourite song… He is looking for a pal. Do you wanna go to safari with this cute, amigurumi, crocheted zebra?

Bu pijamali at Afrika`da yasiyor. Sicak havalar yuzunden surekli uykusu geliyor. O yuzdende pijamasini cikarmayi hic istemiyor. Ise gittiginde de hic takim elbise giymiyor. Michael Jackson`i cok seviyor. Black or White en sevdigi sarkisi. Ama bir arkadasa ihtiyaci var. Bu sevimli amigurumi örgü  zebrayla safariye cikmak ister misiniz?

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Spring Flowers Hair Clip, Pin Brooch, or Magnet

Yippee! Now you have a place to hold your pins and needles! These spring flowers can be hair clips or pin broochs orrr magnets… If you are interested in any other color combination, please contact me. I have many colors of felt, and would be happy to accommodate your custom desires!
with love,

Keçeden yaptim bu tokalari, renkli renkli takiyorum oh mis :)

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Amigurumi Fish, Crochet Fish

This is Slushy! The slushiest fish, who just wants to be loved. Will you love him? This cute and cuddly creature is ready to become your new best friend! A perfect stocking stuffer for that little guys who loves animals or an adult who is really just a kid at heart.
He is made of acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester fiberfill also has embroidered features.

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She needs a name? / Bir isme ihtiyaci var, ne olsun?

She likes smiling, going to park and eating pizza. I think she needs a name. Cute, amigurumi doll.

Gulumsemeyi cok sever, parka gitmeyi ve pizza yemeyi de. Bu sevimli amigurumi kiza bir isim koyamadim.

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Japanese Felt Mascots / Japon Keçe Maskotlar

I’m obsessed, I know. I find it impossible to resist making more of these mini felt mascots. I like (designing & making) / (creating) them.

Ya bu Japonlarin hastasiyim! Nerede sevimli birsey var bakiyorum kokeni Japonya. Simdi bu keçe maskotlari yapmayimda ne yapayim, biliyorum takintiliyim, taktimmi yapmam lazim illa, yoksa icim rahat etmez, yoooook illa yapacagim ese dosta verecegim :)

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Yummy Organic Apple / Organik Elma, Leziz!

All I need is yarn and hook. This is my first amigurumi fruit, it is yummy and organic. Made out of acrylic yarn with a 3mm hook.
Totally baby safe, no loose or small parts. Can be washed and dried.
Well that’s it for now, will be back soon, promise =)

Ihtiyacim olan tek sey ip ve tığ! Bu benim yaptigim ilk meyve amigurumi olarak. 

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My iPod Case Design / Ipod Kılıfım

Looking for an IPod case, thinking some ideas… Voila… This is it!
This case is handmade & embroidered by my greatest care and full of passion.

Measures: 3″width x 5″length (8cm x 12.5 cm)
i. Outing & Strap: high quality felt
ii. Lining: high quality felt

If you like to get one in a different colors and/or size for the other ipod versions, just let me know and I will be happy to make one for you.

Kendime Ipod kilifi ariyordum anam bi baktim cok pahali bende kendime bir tane yapayim dedim. Bu oldu...

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