My Brave Lion

And also today I saw a big amigurumi lion in my garden. He was in a trouble. I liked him in the very beginning.
Ralph the Lion loves to go looking for new adventures and sometimes gets himself into trouble and needs a little helping hand to sort it out. He loves soft hugs and hot dogs. A cute crocheted lion…

Bugun bahcede dolasirken kocaman bir aslan gordum. Basi biraz beladaydi kedilerle. Onu gorur gormez oyle sevdimki. Ismini hemen Ralph koydum. Onu tanidikca anladimki hep kendine yeni yeni maceralar ariyor ve basi beladan hic kurtulmuyor. Benim orgu aslancigim ona sarilinca cok sevinir bir de sosisli sandvici coook sever. Hemen haaaaammm yapar.

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