My Handmade Felt Pencil Case

I have so many colour pencils, I need so many pencil cases. Yesterday I decided to make my own handmade pencil case. This is what I did. Made with felt, stitched flowers and a butterfly, and some beads for embroidery.

Sayisiz boya kalemim var ve sayisiz kalem kutusuna ihtiyacim var. Dun kendime bir  kalemkutusu yapmaya karar verdim. Iste bunu yaptim. Keceyi kestim, diktim, cicekler, kelebekler ekledim, boncuklarla susledim. 

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Adorable Baby’s First Amigurumi Doll

Another sleeping amigurumi baby. This doll is totally safe for baby or small child – no removable parts. All of the pieces are stitched and face is embroidered.

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Flower Fairy Amigurumi / Çiçek Perisi

Did you know that in your garden, in every wood, meadow and hedgerow hundreds of Flower Fairies work and play, caring for flowers and trees?
Tread gently now, there may be a Flower Fairy afoot.
And today in the morning while I was walking in the garden I saw an amigurumi flower fairy looking at me with a cute big smile.

Biliyor musunuz her bahcede, her yesillik ve her calilikta yuzlerce cicek perisi var cicekleri ve agaclari koruyan?
Bundan boyle daha dikkatli olun belki attiginiz adimda bir peri vardir ayaginizin altinda.
Bu sabah bahcede sevimli bir yuz gordum ben bana gulen gozlerle bakan. :) aaa birde baktim amigurumiymis. 

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Roy: Cute Blondie Amigurumi Boy

Roy plays violin, likes running, every morning 8 Kms. He likes avocados, pink bubble gums, watching TV series. A cute amigurumi boy, Roy.

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Cute Amigurumi Boy

Meet with Dylan. He is good at math. His favourite colour is yellow, has a doggy. Dylan is a cute amigurumi boy. I finished crocheting him this morning.

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Amigurumi Girl / Oyuncak kiz

Here is Lulu, she is a gorgeous amigurumi dolly. She likes swimming, sun and sea.

Lulu da guzeller guzeli bir bir amigurumi kizi. Denizi, gunesi ve yuzmeyi cok seviyor. Ben de onu.

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Congratulations Bear

Nicos the amigurumi bear! Let me introduce him. He is not only a good psychologist but also a pilot. He likes his motorbike, drinking coffee and women too much. He has just graduated from his course and achieve having a diploma. Congratulations cute guy! Good luck in the future!

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Welcome Amigurumi Baby / Hoşgeldin Bebek


I`ve Arrived!

Heey, Ben dogduuum ve sabahlara kadar aglayacagiiiiiimmmmm. Ingaaaaaaaa!

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Felt Dog / Kece Kopek

Who let the dogs out (woof, woof, woof, woof)

Keceden yaptigim sevimli kopecik, Amerika`da cook begenildi :) Unlu oldu. One Pretty Thing`e cikti :)

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Amigurumi Mouse / Amigurumi Fare

Cute Amigurumi Mouse loves you so much…

Seni bu kadar seviyorum.

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