My Amigurumi Cover Girl / Kapak Kizim

Katie is famous now! My amigurumi dolly is now a cover star in a new hobby magazine called HobiMeydan (means hobby square- circus). I`m so happy this is a new magazine for every kind of hobbies.
I`ve written the pattern and an article about what amigurumi is. This is not a well-known art in Turkey. But I want it to be popular between the crocheters in my country. Turkish women is very good at knitting and crocheting but they only do these just for wearings or home accessories.

Yasasiiiiiinnn!!! Amigurumi orgu bebegim Hobimeydan dergisine kapak oldu. Tum D&R`larda satisa sunuldu. Bu bebegin yapilisini asama asama anlattim. Hobi Meydan biliyorsunuz Forum`da tum hobilere yonelik bir hobi market.

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Don`t worry bee happy / Örgü oyuncak Arı Amigurumi

Cute amigurumi bees. Very easy level to crochet I love how their faces, they are cute and those smiley faces...
Sevimli amigurumi arilar. Ormek cok basit. Ama onlarin sevimli, gulen suratlarini cok seviyorum.

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Petite my new pretty Amigurumi / Minyon, benim sevimli Amigurumim

Petite is the most loved amigurumi. As you know I crochet my amigurumis without any patterns, I begin to crochet and they are just come to world. I love his funny and pretty face, and the colours. Petite was crocheted with acrylic yarn. Ohh those tiny legs, and his hair sytle...

Minyon`u cok seviyorum. Ben amigurumilerimi hicbir modele ya da yazili patterne gore ormuyorum. Ormeye basliyorum ne cikiyorsa o. Minyon`un sevimli yuzunu ve renklerini cok sevdim. Akrilik orgu ipiyle ordum ve sac stiline bayildim...

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Chelsea the Gorgeous Amigurumi / Chelsea, Guzeller guzeli Orgu Bebegim

Chelsea is my new amigurumi with a different eye style. I think she looks gorgeous, what do you think?
She likes pink so yesterday went to the hairstylist and painted her hair. She also lives in Istanbul, too.

Chelsea farkli bir goz stiliyle yaptigim yeni amigurumim. Bence guzel gozukuyor, sizce?
Chelsea pembe rengi cok sever o yuzden dun kuafore gitti ve saclarini pembeye boyatti. Istanbul`da yasiyor.

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Adrian and Cooper

Here is Adrian and his puppy Cooper. The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.
I`ve crocheted this cute amigurumi yesterday with cotton yarn, hope you like them, too.

Iste Adrian ve kucuk kopegi Cooper. Bu sevimli dostlari dun ordum, siz de onlari seversiniz insallah... Kopekleri coook seviyorum.

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I am a Monster

"I am a monster and am alone. Am looking for any monsters to meet and be my friends."
I found him while he was swimming and learned that he is crocheted by me this morning, he lives in Istanbul (Asian Side)- Turkey, likes swimming in Bosphorus from Asian side to European. Lucky human-beings they haven`t run across.

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In the last couple of days I`m into crocheting funny amigurumi monsters. Hope you like them.

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Funny Amigurumi Monster / Sevimli Orgu Canavar


(Means I love You in Monster)

(Canavarca`da Seni Seviyorum demek)

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A bee who has just graduated from college, is disillusioned at his lone career choice: making honey.
This is what I`ve made this morning, very very cute amigurumi bee.

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