PDF Piglet Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Ok! Just finished writing my Amigurumi Piglet`s crochet pattern. :)

It`s possible to purchase and download it from the button below or maybe for later purchases from my etsy shop for $4.

İlk patternimi satışa sundum, haydi bakalım. :)

Includes Photos, Instructions and Pattern.

Finished Piglet approx 9.4”tall (24cm) and 2.4” (6cm) around widest part of body. This may vary depending on the yarn and the size of crochet hook used.

It's an easy pattern and fun to make but requires basic crochet knowledge. You should be familiar with:
• making a magic ring or adjustable ring
• changing colour
• Increase / decrease

Materials List:
• 4,5 mm black safety eyes with backing
• Crochet hook size 3.00 mm
• Polyester Fiberfil Stuffing
• Tapestry needle
• Scissor
• Stitch Marker
• Embroidery floss
• Worsted weight yarn

If you like to get one in just let me know and I will be happy to make one for you :)

Piglet is a Disney Character. Based on the "Winnie the Pooh" works.

(These patterns are sold on the condition that it will be used for personal use only, e.g. making gifts for family and friends, not for commercial purposes. This pattern can be printed for your personal use only but not resold or copied without permission.) Pin It


Sitting Beauty- Crochet Amigurumi Girl Doll / Örgü Bebek

Here is my other sitting girl. I love to crochet her in different colors.

Oturan kızlarımı farklı farklı renklerde örmeyi çok seviyorum.


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I lost my Mum to Pancreatic Cancer / Annemi kaybettim

I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer. :(((((
I had to watch my mother go from a gorgeous woman to someone who was so sick and sad lonely and scared and when you see your mother take her last breathe that will never ever leave you. Will never hate anything more in my life than cancer, and how it tricked my mom gave her hope and then took her. I miss her.

Annemi pankreas kanseri yuzunden kaybettim :( Nurlar icinde yat annem!

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