Crochet Amigurumi Mom and Baby Chicks / Tavuk ve yavruları

Here is my little crochet amigurumi chick family. Includes the mother and 5 babies :)

Civciv sevmeyen var mı?

This family is at my etsy shop.

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  1. OMG! These are sooo adorable:)

    I wanted to invite you to enter my Giveaway at...


  2. troppooooooooooooo belli!!
    brava bravissima baci
    p.s. ho fatto la tua pecorella ^_*

  3. O how cute!! I really love them.
    Do like those pumpkins too!

  4. fantastic
    you have a lovely blog

  5. Greetings form KKTC :) (Kuzey Kibris) :P Thanks for adding me at Ravelry! Thanks to that , I managed to find your blog! Girl you are very talented! Where to buy your works???

  6. Your blog is great. Thank you for your visit on mine:) I wil be a frequent guest here, all your works are amazing:) Greetings from Poland:)

  7. I love them! You are so talented! :)

  8. Hi!
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  9. The mama and her chicks are too cute! :)

    I'm glad I found this blog! I think I shall enjoy viewing it often to see all of your fun creations! You seem to be a very talented lady! :)

    ~M. Wildflower

  10. Wow, love your stuff! You are so talented :) Love the carrot car in an earlier post. I am following you from the blog hunt post on etsy.

  11. Hi Seren, thank you for becoming follower on my blog. You really make cute stuff. I love your chicken family, as you will understand ;))

    Greetings Simone

  12. Hi! You got the most votes at Link Your Stuff last week so I featured you this weekend. I hope you like it and I hope you'll join my link party again. Have a lovely weekend!
    Best wishes, Annemarie

  13. Thank you so much! You are wonderful! I`m so happy that you like them :))

    Lots of hugs to all of you.

  14. That'a a lovely blog you have here! Greetings from Portugal!


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