Crochet Amigurumi Santa Claus / Noel Baba

Here is my little crochet amigurumi Santa Claus, Hope you like him as much as I like while I was crocheting! :)

He is at my little shop!

Noel Babam komik oldu sevdim :)

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Amigurumi Crochet Bee and the Yellow Hearts!

Here is my latest crochet amigurumi bee and yellow hearts :)

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PDF Amigurumi Crochet Bunny and Carrot Car Pattern

Finally I`ve finished writing my amigurumi bunny and carrot car pattern :)) He is available on my etsy shop or it is also possible to download from the link below.

Includes Photos, Instructions and Pattern. Written in English.

Finished Bunny is approx 5.8”tall (15cm) and the carrot car 8.7” (22cm) long. This may vary depending on the yarn and the size of crochet hook used.

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Amigurumi Crochet Finger Puppets / Örgü Parmak Kuklalar

Your fingers are the legs of these crocheted puppets. You can make the entire cast of a nursery rhyme or fairy tale in just a few minutes, and then put on your own show.

Mainly in pre-schools or kindergartens for storytelling with young children.

Great for gifts, or just a present to yourself!

They are Handmade by myself in my smoke-free environment. 

Completely hand crocheted with love ♥

Amigurumi Parmak kuklalarım.

Crochet Fox Finger Puppet

Crochet Bunny Finger Puppet

Crochet Bear Finger Puppet

Crochet Bunny Finger Puppet

Best friends! :)

@ my etsy shop waiting for adoption. 

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